Natural rowing is the exact experience that the WaterRower Natural rowing machine brings home. The rowing machine is made from solid ash wood that helps to absorb sound and vibration, enhancing the rowing machine’s smooth and quiet operation. It also has incredible longevity and dimensional stability. The honey oak stain and Danish oil finishing bring consistency in color and a warmth to the wood. WaterRower Natural has been designed in such a way that its dynamics are similar to an actual boat moving through water.The Waterrower Natural

The WaterRower Natural is an 83 by 24 by 21 inches machine while in use with 117 pounds weight. It can be folded to 20” by 23” by 82” for easy storage and can accommodate weight to a maximum of 1000 pounds. This gives it a further advantage over other rowing machines. The machine comes with a one year warranty on the frame and components.

The WaterRower Natural rowing machine beats all other rowing machines in its capability to bring out the physiological benefits of rowing. Rowing with this machine helps to eliminate fats from your limbs and joints, burn calories at a faster rate and tone and strengthen your muscles. Rowing boosts the heart rate without harming the joints in any way.

The machine has a water flywheel with two paddles in an enclosed water tank. The water flywheel provides a smooth and quiet self- regulating resistance similar to actual water rowing and eliminates the need for a motor.

With the WaterRower Natural rowing machine, you do not have to pause in between your workouts so that you can mechanically adjust the machine’s intensity. It is your own strength and ability to overcome drag that will help you. If you need to increase the intensity of your workout, you simply need to paddle faster and vice versa.WATERROWER NATURAL ROWING MACHINE

The WaterRower Natural features a user friendly Series 4 performance monitor with an easy QuickStart for most functions. It displays your progress in working out such as duration, distance covered (in units of meters, kilometers and miles), heart rate, work out intensity (meters per second) and stroke rate. It also has an optional heart rate chest wrap and receiver to increase the efficiency of your workout.

The WaterRower comes with a list on safety guidelines. You are advised to consult a physician before engaging in any exercise program, wear proper exercise clothing, install and use the equipment properly and ensure other people and pets do not approach the turning wheels. It also comes with a WaterRower Home Training DVD that is perfect for first time rowers and even for those with experience.

Some of the outstanding pros of the WaterRower Natural are its beauty, upright storage, its lightness, easy of installation and comfort. However, the WaterRower Natural can only be shipped within the U.S at the moment. Moreover, it has a very limited warranty period of only one year, its price is a bit steep compared to other rowing machines and its screws tend to come loose after a few workouts.