The Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine Review

The Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine is a professional workout tool that has been created in order to help you improve your overall cardiovascular workout techniques. This is also a great tool that promotes the ability to lose fat and it even helps you keep diseases at bay.The Concept2 (Model D)

Right from the start you will see that the Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine as an astonishing design that you will appreciate for sure. Alongside that, it features a perfect length and a seat weight, so no matter the size of the person sitting on it, you are bound to have some great results in the end.

I was very impressed by the fact that despite having so many materials that need to be put together, the Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine is quite easy to assemble, but in order to do that you do need to read the manual. Most of the tools that you need for assembly are included with the purchase so that’s great.

It’s important to note that Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine comes with a ton of accessories, which include a chain oil, USB cable, logo card, caster wheels, rubber foot pads, stainless steel seat track, flywheel and aluminum frame amongst many others.The Concept2 (Model D)

Moreover, I appreciate the fact that the Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine is very easy to use since it glides seamlessly on the aluminum rail. Nott only that, but even after the workouts the Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine is very easy to clean because no dirt or grime can stack thanks to the interesting design.The Concept2 (Model D)

The reason why many consider Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine as being one of the best fitness machines on the market is the fact that this device comes with a great personal monitor that allows you to compare the captured data with other relevant and similar information. Moreover, the monitor is easy to read and the results can even be transferred via USB which is cool.

The rower does a great job when it comes to efficiency, as it can be used even if you have slippery hands. Its design is also inclined towards noise reduction, a great effort if you take into account how important it actually is to reduce noise at all costs.

While using the Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine you can easily lose around 300 to 500 calories per hour, and this is a great results for such a device!

There are a few minor drawbacks with the device, and that comes from the fact that its seat is rather low and might bring some injuries in time, if you are not careful. Adjusting the resistance can also be troublesome sometimes, but you can easily fix it which is great.

All in all, Concept2 (Model D) Rowing Machine is a great rowing machine with lots of interesting and appealing features that you are bound to like for sure. It’s a very robust device which is well worth its asking price, so don’t hesitate and check it out if you want a great tool to work out at home!