Rowing Machine Reviews

There are many exercise machines that are based for cardio that happen to be on the market, but how can you know which one is best? Although you may have a personal preference for a particular exercise style, the truth is that there are plenty of benefits that a rowing machine can give you that certainly outweigh any of the other cardio machines that are out there. Rowing not only gives you a full body workout, but it even burns more calories as well as targets more muscle groups than any other exercise machine.

If you truly want to reach any fitness goal and are wanting to use a rowing machine, also known as an ergometer, to help you achieve that goal, then your next step would be to choose what type of rowing machine to purchase. This can sometimes be a difficult decision, especially if you are searching online for the best one there is. There are plenty of websites that can provide reviews and breakdown all of the best models, but in the end you will need to make the choice on what is best for you.

Rowing Machine

The information that has been provided will help you to compare the options that you have wisely, so that you are able to analyze what gym machine may be best for your home and help you select which ones to purchase. Instead of making a fast decision that you can regret later, take your time and compare all of your options. The time you spend searching will be worth it.

Rowing Machine

Machine Types


There are a variety of methods for creating the resistance needs to simulate rowing against the water that have strengths and drawbacks. There are four different types of resistance: Hydraulic, Water, Air, and Magnetic. Each type has their own special characteristics. Knowing the difference in resistance types can give you a basic understanding of how a rowing machine works. Plus, knowing what type of machine that you like can help you select what machine you are looking to purchase.
 Rowing Machine

Hydraulic: These are the machines that use hydraulic cylinders that happen to be attached to the handles and benefit those who have limited space, as they tend to be smaller than other models out there. The resistance tends to be adjustable which also allows it to be quiet. It also happens to be the lowest priced machine out of all the resistance types.

Rowing Machine

Magnetic: These types of models use electromagnets to help control the resistance and are known for being very quiet. They are quite durable and it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The rowing motion is smooth and the resistance is also adjustable.

 Rowing Machine

Air: If you are looking for a realistic rowing experience, the best choice is usually an air model. They tend to be very authentic when it comes to simulating the resistance of water rowing. The resistance tends to be determined by your rowing intensity. The fan blades that are used also tend to make plenty of noise, but the rowing motion is quite smooth.


Water: Many people see that water models are the most authentic due to the fact that they actually involve an actual paddle moving through a tank of water. It is similar to the air resistance models as the resistance is determined by the rowing intensity. Although the paddles that move through the water tend to make plenty of noise, it is quite tranquil since it sounds as if you are rowing outdoors. This is one of the higher priced resistance types.




Model D by Concept2 $900

The Model D is one of the best rowing machines that is sold around the globe and it is used by professional rowers as well as fitness enthusiasts. The manufacturer claims that it has been “engineered to last a lifetime” and it is proven with a 5 year warranty. This air resistance rower is packed with various features that includes an amazing performance monitor that you can use and even play games on. It may seem a bit noisy, but the rowing motion is smooth and when compared to other machines it is fairly expensive, but if you have the cash, then you will learn in time that it is very worth the money. If you browse on Amazon and you will see that it has well over 300 different five star ratings. If you happen to live in a small apartment or a place that doesn’t have a lot of room, then you may be better off with getting a magnetic resistance machine.

Model D by Concept2 $900

The Waterrower Natural $1160

Normally, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case you certainly can. The Waterrower does perform as well as it looks. Most people have found that the sound of the water and that is happens to have the best seat that they have tried. It is made from natural wood, which makes it a real winner and makes it almost impossible to just walk by and not try it out. The console is easy to read, large and happens to be PC compatible, so you can download your training data into the built in software. There is very little maintenance that is needed and the water doesn’t need to be changed as often due to water purifying tables that help to keep it clean. The only issue is that isn’t easy to each when you are sitting in position, but that isn’t a big reason not to buy this model. The Waterrower Natural

H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine by ProRower


The H2O RX-750 happens to be one of the cheaper water resistance rowers that you will find when it comes to rowers. It is just under the $700 mark and you may actually be surprised at the great quality of this machine. Those who want to mimic actual rowing tend to search for water machines, and this one does great at the price that is available to many. It is just like real rowing, and if you want that super intense workout, you will have to row faster and the “natural adaptive resistance” of the water will give you the challenge you need. If you feel like having a steady workout or a relaxing paddle, then just row a bit slower and enjoy the feeling of pushing against the water.


Best Budget


Trac Glider 1050 by Stamina Body
Just because the price of this amazing model is just over the $100 mark, does it mean that it is a poor quality model? First off, there are some great points: it is compact, folds away for easy storage for those who have limited spaces and has a basic, but functional performance monitor. You are able to track your workout time, calories burned and even stroke count. It has a scan feature that switches measures every 6 seconds. The best feature though, is how it is able to mimic the rowing motion. Although there have been complaints of feet slipping out of foot straps on the machine and that the resistance was not high enough. The price is a great deal for those who are on a tight budget. You can always upgrade to a better and more expensive model at a later time.

Trac Glider 1050 by Stamina Body

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Although this model is only limited to its basic features, it is very comfortable to use. It has a hydraulic resistance which is best who are inexperienced when it comes to rowing. This type of resistance will draw energy from every muscle that you have which in turn speeds up the metabolism and burns fat quicker without straining your joints. Hydraulic resistance is also best to build muscle and strength in your biceps, back, and shoulders.

It was designed to provide a full body workout and in low resistance can burn 400 calories per hour. Athletes that want a more intense and longer workout can look to burn around 800 calories per hour. Although, this may be a basic machine which is better for beginners than veteran athletes, it has been created to boost the metabolism and the stamina of the user.Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

There are a few people who didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a pulse monitor, which can be a deal breaker for those who are cardiovascular patients. The weight capacity of 220lbs can also be an issue for those who are obese or overweight. Some people even stated that there was sometimes a whining noise when in use on some occasion.