Tuft and Needle review

My mother is eighty-six years old and overweight by one hundred pounds it was very difficult for her to get a complete night sleep on the bed she had. So I went out and bought her a nice, expensive mattress which was supposed to be for overweight people and that it provided great lumbar support and it was cool and so on and so forth. She did not even spend one night on it, she tossed and turned all night until she gave up and sat on her rocking chair where she slept a couple of hours. Since it was supposed to have a guarantee, I called the next day for them to pick it up and had to pay for them to take it.

Why I bough a Tuft and Needle Mattress

So then one of my aunts said that I should get her a waterbed with heated water and the works. I fell for that one too and bought the waterbed. Bad mistake, terrible mistake, in the morning she was creaming and calling me names because I wanted to kill her, my mother who loved me and cared for me so much. My neighbor came by a couple of days later and told me to stop wasting my money, that all my mother needed was a Tuft & Needle mattress and she would be sleeping like a baby. I went to see them and they looked solid enough, cheap enough and they were designed to stay cool.

The mattress is on its way

Then I got some more good news, they would deliver the mattress, free of charge and they would also give me one hundred nights to test it and love it. If I was not satisfied with my purchase all I had to do was give them a call, let them know why I did not like it and they would send me my check and a truck to pick it up, no charge. The mattress looked and felt good to me but I knew my mother was kind of picky with her things especially her bed but I decided to take a chance and bought it for her.

Tuft and Needle Price

You can purchase the mattress from their online site – https://www.tuftandneedle.com.  It’s not exactly cheap so use a Tuft and Needle coupon using this link.

What is the Tuft & Needle mattress made of?

The mattress is made completely of foam in different levels which serve a different purpose each. The top layer is soft and takes the shape of the body, the second layer is the memory level which remembers your weight and shape and when you lie down it simply molds around your parts to make you comfortable and give you a great night sleep. When my mother sat on it she was not too sure it would do but she accepted to try to sleep on it that night just because I had made the effort to bring it.


The Tuft and Needle Mattress verdict

The next morning when I came to see her she was smiling and happy, it was the best night sleep she had had in months. She told me it was cool and soft yet she was able to lift herself up without it hitting the floor. That was six months ago, her guarantee is not finished yet but she would not change her Tuft & Needle mattress for anything in the world.

Make sure you try to find a great pillow as well – try webmd.

Research On Narcolepsy: What Have We Got?

What’s going on with the research on narcolepsy? Found any cure yet? I am one of those people diagnosed with  the disease and I am hoping for a breakthrough really. What I am going through is stressful enough, and the waiting is killing me… literally. Please keep us updated. 


Narcolepsy is an illness characterized by sudden sleep attacks that could occur at any time and place due to excessive daytime sleepiness. It is often accompanied by muscle weakness and paralysis, vivid dreaming and trance-like behavior. This is a neurologic disorder and a lot of people have been affected with this disorder. The United States alone has about 1 case in every 2000 Americans.

This disorder affects almost 200,000 Americans but very few are properly diagnosed and given treatment, probably because research on narcolepsy treatment is still ongoing. In fact, extensive research on narcolepsy and what causes it is keeping experts busy. Once a definite cause has been pinpointed, treatment would follow.

According to Stanford University School for Narcolepsy, the second leading cause of excessive daytime drowsiness following obstructive sleep apnea is narcolepsy. This is probably one of the most debilitating illnesses one could ever have. Not to mention that this is incurable. At least not right now. Research on narcolepsy would prove to be a very big help not only to the individuals affected with the disease but to the other members of the family as well who are suffering with them.

Research on narcolepsy was pioneered by Stanford University Sleep Clinic, the first medical clinic to specialize in sleep disorders. They were the first to find out that hypocretin has everything to do with narcolepsy. They found out that there is a marked decrease in hypocretin brain cells in narcoleptics compared to normal ones. Instead of hypocretin cells, researchers found scar tissue, which could suggest that narcolepsy may not be hereditary.

Researchers are making use of brains donated by narcoleptics. It was through this method that the hypocretin-narcolepsy link was found out. There is a National Brain Bank where these brains used in narcolepsy research are being kept. They are also encouraging narcoleptics to donate their brains at their demise to help further the ongoing research. Now, this may sound a bit morbid, but if we consider the amount of help it would give to narcoleptics in generations to come, donating a brain would be tantamount to heroism.

Currently, research on narcolepsy is focused in determining what causes this hypocretin depletion. It could be autoimmunity, it could be ingested toxins, or it could also be due to environmental factors. A lot of possibilities are at play and with the advancement of research on narcolepsy, we expect more to come. Decades of research have been devoted to finding the exact cause of narcolepsy but the current data gathered is not enough to determine the proper treatment. But with the help of today’s technology, we’re expecting results. And fast.

Is Rozerem a good option for treating insomnia?

I have been battling with insomnia for 6 years now, since my college days really. I have tried several sleeping aids in the past, but I was advised not to prolong the use to avoid potential side effects. I am wondering if this new sleeping aid, Rozerem, would do a better job for my insomnia. And what are its long-term-use side effects?


Perhaps the most popular of all sleep problems diagnosed is insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep. Researches say that around 25% to 30% of all Americans suffer from insomnia each year, but most of these remain undiagnosed because only a few go to the doctor to discuss sleep difficulties. Insomnia in teenagers, in particular, is probably the least recognized because parents think it’s just because of their activity-packed lifestyles. Most of us relegate sleep problems to the sidelines, thinking that it’s not serious; but it’s high time we know that untreated sleep disorders are potentially deadly.

Insomnia can result in complications to existing health problems and reactions vary from person to person. For example, if you’re clinically depressed, insomnia can increase your risk of being further psychologically incapacitated. If you are such, you are exposed to hurting yourself and others. Rest is necessary for the body to recharge and if insomnia keeps you from doing so, your immune system weakens, making you very susceptible to viruses and other diseases. In short, insomnia is not just a sleep nuisance. It is a serious condition that needs serious treatment.

One of the popularly recommended medications to help treat insomnia is Rozerem (Ramelteon), which has already garnered the approval of the FDA. Rozerem has been given the green light for long-term use. However, Rozerem is not suggested for people who are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients, who are taking fluvoxamine, or have hepatic impairments. Rozerem has also not been tested on people who have severe COPD, sleep apnea and teenagers who have insomnia. Insomnia in teenagers is a condition that requires treatment but it’s best to be on the safe side and opt for other types other than Rozerem, instead.

While patrons of Rozerem say that it is very effective, the strength of Rozerem is not compatible for all insomnia sufferers. Studies have shown that some Rozerem-based insomnia treatments have led to changes in patient’s hormone levels. Thus, experts do not recommend that Rozerem be taking after eating a meal that’s high in fat. In fact, Rozerem should be taken 30 minutes before turning in for the night. In controlled clinical trials, 2% of those who had used Rozerem had felt dizzy and fatigued, but then again, these side effects are not exclusive to Rozerem alone and can also be experienced in other sleep inducing drugs.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of Rozerem against chronic and transient insomnia cannot be denied. In fact, Rozerem has proven its potency even on the first night of use on majority of Rozerem takers who underwent a Rozerem-test for five weeks. But althought trials suggest that Rozerem has a sleep-inducing power upon initial use, its full effects and their regularity might not be felt until after several days to a couple of weeks.

Rozerem has also been studied for its ability to thwart the recurrence of insomnia. In an experiment that spanned a year, scientists found that there was no rebound insomnia in patients who took Rozerem with their insomnia treatments. Even after a year has passed, insomnia did not show signs of coming back. The recommended dose for Rozerem is one 8mg tablet once a day, shortly before going to sleep.

A major benefit of using Rozerem is that it is not potentially addictive; that’s why the FDA has approved Rozerem for long-term use. This is because Rozerem has no affinity for GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, receptors. Having said these, withdrawal reactions are not characteristic of people who have taken Rozerem for a long time. This is reportedly true even if Rozerem is taken 20 times its suggested dose.

Of course, it does not take genius to know that Rozerem should not be taken with caffeine, alcohol or other harmful substances. Rozerem should also only be ingested under the advise of a sleep doctor. While the side effects linked with Rozerem appear to be very minimal and manageable, Rozerem is still a drug whose use needs to be professionally regulated and monitored. Before deciding to use Rozerem, it would be prudent to find out more about the drug to see if it’s your best route. Ask you doctor about it.